Is Facebook Your Frenemy?

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What is Facebook’s Open Graph? It’ll make it easier for you to share information about your likes (websites that bring people together) and dislikes (websites that bring annoying people together) all over the Internet. Information about the websites you visit, the news stories you like and your music preferences, no matter how mawkish, will be shared with all of your Facebook friends.

“Like” buttons are attached to all kinds of websites, photos and blog posts. If you click a button to indicate you “like” something, that information becomes viewable by your Facebook friends. A “Go To Rot” button is in the works.

DJ David Hanscom has some ideas for promoting his DJ service via Facebook.

“If you go to your home page on Facebook—not your Profile, but the Home tab, where it shows everyone’s announcements and what they have going on—on the right-hand side close to the bottom it shows everyone in your Friends list and their birthdays. It usually goes about three days deep, so I decided to make a video that simply says, ‘Happy birthday, I hope you’re having a great day today. You might be a friend of mine that I talk to all the time or you might be somebody I talk with every once in a while. But either way, I noticed it was your birthday and I just wanted to send a quick Happy Birthday wish.’

“So far nobody has ever responded negatively to that, and as a matter of fact some people have responded by thanking me and saying that their own family hadn’t even wished them a Happy Birthday yet.”