iPad Changes World—and VJing

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We’ve heard about DJs using the iPad, but when we heard that Bronx-bred VJ Eloy uses an iPad for his sets, that got us wondering if he’d ever mixed in images of Steve Jobs. Eloy hasn’t, but he did offer plenty of tips for DJs who are looking to add a visual element to their mix.

So the VJ game is evolving rapidly. What are the changes that you’ve seen in the last year? There are many European VJs who use custom projector mounts that are connected to DMX-controlled, mirror-fixture lights where they’re moving their visual content around the room. It’s not just about hitting an image on the wall anymore. Now it’s about how you can change the experience of the whole room. It’s like being a light jock and having the ability to change the color of the lights into anything you wanted. That’s the future, where the VJ and the lighting jockey become one.

How do you build your video collection? I get material from remixes video sites like crooklynclan.net, strictlyhits.com and smashvidz.net. I also get HD video from YouTube—HD, not SD. I tell people who want to do this to take classes in Ableton Live, Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects—then you’ll be on the cutting-edge of video editing. Then use regular DJ-promo methods—demos and electronic press kits make a difference. They’ll help take you beyond your market. Lastly, make sure you network. Communication is key to all business.

Can you talk gear? I create my remixes in Ableton Live 8 audio only—then I do the video in Apple Final Cut Pro Studio 3. For my live sets, I use Serato Scratch Live, Ableton Live, Serato VSL, Modular 8, Rhythm Avenue and Mix Emergency. I use the Rane TTM57SL mixer. I use an iPad with Touch OSC on it, which converts the iPad into a MIDI controller and allows you to make custom layouts for that MIDI controller—very similar to a Lemur, but cheaper.