iPad App from a Cruise Ship DJ: Can it Float?

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Moses with two iPads
App attack continues

DJ Emotion spins on a cruise ship and has some time to kill when the ship pulls into port, so much time that he developed an app for the iPad. He calls it the Mobile DJ Sampler, although he says club DJs can use it too. You can see it in action here.

Alright, DJ Emotion, what prompted you to create this App? Aren’t there enough already? Stop the madness. As a DJ I always loved standing out from the rest of the pack. I find sampling to be very creative and sky is the limit to how creative one can be. A simple siren can change the atmosphere in the room or the sound of an explosion can be so intense. When the iPhone came out I saw this as an opportunity. I thought to myself a dummy proof DJ sampler for mobile DJs would be great and when the iPad came out sales doubled because of the screen size. Over the last couple of months I have tweaked and changed several things. Now the user can upload their own samples. I’m aware Serato is very popular but my device is convenient and simple and sometimes that’s what people want.

Give us some specific examples of how you’ve used it. For sound effects. I also use it when I’m doing transition between songs. Lately I have been triggering a capellas. This app is all about simplicity. It’s very easy to use and anyone and I mean anyone can figure it out—even your grandmother can figure it out.

My Grandmother works for NASA. Oh.

Is it available for download? You bet. It’s on iTunes for a whopping $1.99.


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