In The Studio With Tritonal: Piercing the Quiet

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If you want to gauge the sheer enthusiasm of trance music’s global fanbase, you’ve got to check the Twitter reactions to the genre’s well-known podcasts. Following Armin Van Buuren’s “A State of Trance” and Above & Beyond’s “Trance Around the World,” for example, the popular insta-platform buzzes with praise or broods with disappointment over the new tunes featured on that week’s show.

And it’s from these broadcasts that the guys from Tritonal have distinguished themselves, attracting significant positive response from the genre’s ultra-loyal legions. So much so, that they’ve even coined a term for their own devotees—Tritonians.

So now, with winning tracks like “Piercing Quiet,” “Everafter” and “Still With Me”—plus serious consideration in popular DJ polls (like DJ Times’ America’s Best DJ)—the Austin, Texas-based DJ/production duo has been assured of racking up frequent-flier miles to markets like Ibiza, the Russian Federation and anywhere Insomniac hosts a party for the foreseeable future.

In the rare moments when Tritonal’s Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed enjoy some we-time in their home studio, both of them rev up on a system amplified by the combined use of separate workstations.

“I own Dynaudio AIR15s as my nearfield monitors, a 30-inch display, a PowerMac, Virus TI, [Native Instruments] KORE 2 and an M-Audio 61-key controller,” says Cisneros. “However, the muscle really comes from the software, which includes the UAD-2 QUAD Omni bundle with an extra PCI Processing card, [Native Instruments] KOMPLETE 8, and a gazillion others.”
As for Reed, he says that he splits the difference between both Mac and PC work environments. “I’m in a professionally treated room with all Auralex pro-sound paneling, a vocal booth with a soon-to-be-upgraded Neumann condenser,” he says. “The studio is running on a JBL Pro series monitoring system fused with the Mackie Big Knob, which makes it really handy to A-B a record by switching between monitors. There’s also an Apogee Ensemble [multi-channel interface] and Pro Tools setup for the main outputs. I really like my PCs, so I have both a Mac and a PC setup here, running most DAWs such as FL Studio, Logic, Abelton Live and even Cubase—you never know, we like to get crazy sometimes. I also have the Virus TI, KORE 2, KOMPLETE 8, an M-Audio controller and lots of AU/VST instruments/FX.”

The group’s energetic DJ sets are coordinated on CDJ-2000 players with the music stored on SD cards within Pioneer’s rekordbox music-management system.

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