In The Studio With… Eclectic Method: Video Mashers

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By Justin Hampton

Las Vegas—People are sailing in and out of the Zumanity Stage before the 4th Annual Mashable Award show gets under way, and U.K.-based VJ troupe Eclectic Method are setting the tone with A/V collages marrying “The Sound Of Music” with “Groove Is In The Heart,” and layering “Smells Like Teen Spirit” over the “Twist & Shout” scene in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

In doing so, they’re not only warming up the proceedings, but prepping for a busy year. They’ve built up from a touring club anomaly in 2003 to a multimedia production house as comfortable working with Chuck D on the single “Outta Sight” as they are crafting content for Evian’s “Think Young” campaign. EM’s Jonny Wilson recalls a pivotal conversation he had with his former boss Brian Eno when he was starting out as a sound engineer.

“He asked me, ‘Do you want a record deal?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah!’ And he’s like, ‘Well, if you want to have a career in music, as opposed to just the next five years, then forget the record deal.’ So ever since then, I’ve focused on enjoying what we do and doing it well.”
Now fully ensconced in videoland, Wilson and his partner Ian Edgar have recently added a new approach to their live sets. They’ve gone with Serato Video-SL, a Pioneer SVM mixer, a Serato controller and an MPC controller. The two use CD decks to control the video. The duo often post condensed versions of their work on their YouTube and Vimeo accounts, but extend and jam on them in live settings.

“We have two channels of audio that’s just playing music and no video—and then we have two channels or three channels that’s playing video with sound,” Wilson explains. “And we’re mixing the two together, so every time we do this, the combinations are completely different.”

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