In The Studio With Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike: Go-To Mixers

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Over the span of two-plus years, Belgian brothers Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike have enjoyed a rapid ascension, and much of that comes from their high-profile remixes.

Their studio work and its variety are impressive: The discography includes energetic mixes for Swedish House Mafia (“Leave the World Behind”), Snoop Dogg (“Get Your Groove On”), Cosmic Gate (“Fire Wire”), Abel Ramos (“Rotterdam City of Love”), Pitbull (“Papi”), LMFAO (“Champagne Showers”) and Lady Gaga (“Marry the Night”).

Original tracks “Under the Water,” “Salinas” and “Underdog” gained international dancefloor traction, and their collaborative work on the annual theme songs for Belgium’s massive Tomorrowland festival raised their profile.

Additionally, bolstered by the online availability of their “Smash the House” radio program on FG DJ Radio Belgium, the duo have begun to make more touring inroads. They’ve played Ibiza’s Pacha and London’s Ministry of Sound—and they’ve supported Steve Aoki on his “Deadmeat Tour.” Their star is rising, so DJ Times caught a few minutes with Dimitri when the duo recently visited Boston.

DJ Times: How has the U.S. been treating you guys?

Dimitri: We’ve had an amazing tour so far. We had a rough start in Canada because of a snow storm, but for the rest… all the gigs were really crazy. They were amazing. I’m still a little hung over from last night. It will probably take us two weeks to recover after this.

DJ Times: One of the things I was reading is you guys really like to thank your family. Is that because you’re brothers? Or are there other members of the family that helped you get to where you are now?

Dimitri: Our parents kind of pushed us in the right direction at an age that it could have gone a bit wrong. They encouraged us to go and work abroad and that kind of changed our life—being away, learning new cultures and learning to take care of ourselves.

– Joe Bermudez & Angela Bray

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