In The Studio With Alex Niggemann: To the Deep End

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In a very short four years, Germany’s Alex Niggemann has risen through the ranks of EDM’s top talents. In 2006, the Dusseldorf-born DJ/producer gained notice with his remix of Booka Shade’s “Darko” and he subsequently released tracks on labels like Meerestief, Micro.fon and Moonpool. Audiofly then signed him to Supernature and released his “The Black Rose” EP and his remixes of several tracks like Pele’s minimal mover “El Condor.”

With a detailed style that ranges from dark tech-house to vocal-heavy groovers, Niggemann enjoyed a busy 2010 (with releases on Supernature, 8bit and 2020 Vision), but he’s also excited about his new label. Soulfooled. We recently caught up with Niggemann as he made a tour stop in Romania.

DJ Times: You played classical piano–why the move into electronic music?
Niggemann: It was just an accident. I was trying to find something I could express myself with. First, it was hip hop and breakbeat. My brother was a DJ and, when I was 15, he brought me to a party. This was the first time I really got into the music. I was fascinated how you can move and influence people by just playing records.

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