In The Studio With Alex Niggemann: New Label Chief

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Alex Niggemann is a hard man to pin down. Though he considers himself a house DJ, his productions and DJ sets transcend genre boundaries, as they easily range from taut, techy tracks to vocal-centric floor-fillers.

He’s recently launched his own label (AEON) and he kicked it off by releasing the impressive tech-houser, “Just A Little” (featuring Jonny Cruz). We caught up with the Berlin-based DJ/producer to find out his plans for the label, as well as his favorite music of the moment.

DJ Times: Why start a label?

Niggemann: I always wanted to do my very own thing, release the music I’m 100-percent behind. I created AEON to be a platform for a crew of talented artists, who share the same thoughts about house music and its way of life, creating one platform to release music that stands for quality and that certain something. I want to release music purely for lovers, for people who cut their own path, who dance just the way they feel, celebrating and being passionate about what they do without following rules and trends—the things which characterized the “rave culture” of the ’90s. That’s what really fascinates me!

DJ Times: What is the biggest challenge in creating a record label?

Niggemann: Finding the right way to express what you want to tell people with your music and what the label should stand for—be it the name or the right artwork. That definitely was heavy going in the beginning and my team and I were working hard on this the last months. But now everything’s set and ready to go. First release is out and everything looks great—we got nice feedback so far and I’m very happy.

DJ Times: “Just A Little” has a decidedly tech-house flair—is there a particular genre that AEON will focus on?

Niggemann: Classic and timeless house/techno combined with the technical possibilities and influences of today. Think mid-’90s, Chicago, Detroit, techno-house—that’s it!

DJ Times: In terms of A&R, what kind of artists are you looking to sign? Are you looking more toward established acts or developing new talent?

Niggemann: Both things. As you can see from the first release, we got Steve Bug and Glimpse on board who delivered great remixes for my tunes. The second release is from one of my favorite newcomers these days, Francys. Marco Resmann did a remix for one of the tracks and I can tell you now already that this is definitely one of my top tunes this year. I think it’s not important if the artist is well-established or a newcomer. If I like the music and a track is touching me, I release it. Besides this, I really like to develop new talents and help them grow, because I think it’s important to get some support in the beginning—that’s what I would have really needed when I started.

DJ Times: Do you have any other upcoming projects/releases with AEON?

Niggemann: Yes, third and fourth release is already in the pipeline. Also, I’m thinking about a collaboration EP by end of the year. For sure, we want to build an inner circle of artists that can represent AEON on their own as well—artists that associate themselves with the label and are able to release albums and compilations in the name of AEON.

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