In Mumbai: a Higher State of Console Consciousness

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We talked to Surr Advani, a DJ from Mumbai, India, who has trained more than 2,000 DJs in his Splinters DJ School. Of course, we learned that continental barriers disappear behind the decks among DJ brotherhood.

OK, so what are the crowds like in Mumbai clubs? In India, crowd is rude and good also.

Rude and good? They come to the DJ booth sometimes fully drunk and sometimes with money in their hands to make DJ’s life a mess and force them to play what music they want several times by tempting them with bundles of cash. It’s tempting, but it’s irritating and it’s the duty of a DJ to control his mind, feelings and his personal problems. He should not forget he is being paid to make them dance, and understanding the flow of music with tempos and pitches ups and downs is a tough time for a DJ, not only in India, but any corner of the world where DJs are performing.

Can you give us some nuggets of dancefloor wisdom? I tell my DJs to be friendly with select people in the crowd, especially with good looking females who come with requested music demands. A bunch of around 15 to 20 good looking girls dancing on the dance floor can get all the bystanders standing aside charged up to come on the dancefloor. If females attract around 50 to 75 people on the dancefloor it’s considered a hit show. If the DJ manages to get them on dancefloor the crowd swells and if it goes to around 300 to almost 700 people on the dancefloor the DJ is a hit and it will make him famous with the crowd as their favorite DJ. I have done it many times and that’s what I tell them also to do it.

Splinters DJ School? What’s it all about? I started DJing when there were no DJs in India in the 1990s, when  used to play on cassette players. It was fun rewinding, forwarding using the Technics double ferro head cassette player for my DJing. Suddenly the CD players were invented. Then the Denon and Pioneers came over with pitch controls and DJing improved and mixing became better. I was progressing but struggling also, so I thought why not teach to the younger generation and also charge money for my tutorials. I started the first DJ school in Mumbai—Splinters DJ school. It picked up everywhere. I was there with my simple teaching and showing the people how to spin music, and I became famous, day by day, I don’t remember but up to date there might be around more than 2,000 DJs who I have taught, and they are everywhere in India and abroad. Everywhere my students still can’t believe I am a top DJ trainer and tutor in India. The list of my DJs trained by me are endless.

Can you spare some console consciousness? Be cool, control your anger, be honest, fulfill your commitments, and be patient—it takes time to come up in a glamour industry. Work hard and don’t lose hope. Save your money so you can handle slack time when there is no work in the offseason. The rest is their luck and they know what I’m saying is good—I am their sir and teacher and they respect me for this.

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