How Winning at DJ Expo Changed My Business

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DJ Times and Mike Walter—who organizes and produces the “DJ of the Year” competition at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City—thought it would be a good idea for me to tell the story of how winning Best DJ Game last August has improved my business.

First off, I was skeptical about competing again. I had won in 1997 for Best Dance, and I thought to myself, “I won it already—I don’t want to go up there and lose something. I wanted to go out a winner.”

But I got the bug.

So I contacted Mike and I’d developed this game that we do, called Buddies for Life, and I’ve actually put together a team-building motivational program, but that’s a very small part of it, and I digress.

Buddies for Life is an ice-breaker, best for corporate events, that involves every person at the event—it’s hard to describe, because people are running around, they meet different people, and they do different physical activities, and have different ways of remembering the people that they meet.

I didn’t create it on my own. I had a little help from a guy in Tennessee, who’s not a DJ, but he’s into team-building, and he gave me some ideas, and then I kind of morphed it into what I do. By the end of this team-building program, audience members learn to think together as a unit, demonstrate leadership skills, and have a good time. I use it to book gigs that are staff training events.

So I decided to enter it at the DJ Expo. I was getting positive response to the game, and I knew I only had a limited amount of time to perform it, so I wanted to take some of the most active parts and do it that way, because I didn’t know how much room I was going to have. I didn’t know my limitations. I talked to Mike and asked him, “What do I have to do to compete this year?” I asked.

And he told me, “Nothing, you just told me that you want to, so that’s it.”

So I performed it, and it won Best New Game.

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