How to Win "DJ of the Year" at DJ Expo

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Why enter the DJ of the Year competition at DJ Expo?

In the words of 2009 DJ of the Year winner Steve Moody: “It changed my business.”

“The first reaction I had to winning was shock—with no idea of what to say. The first thing I did was look to my wife, and my guys who helped me, and I thought of my grandfather. He was such a big influence getting me started in the business—he gave me money to buy my first gear, and I was hoping he was able to see what was going on.

When we got home after the Expo, I had all these Facebook ads from people, before then, I might have had 30 Facebook friends, and now I probably have 500 because of the competition. Not everybody is going to share their secretes, but if you’re friends with people in different markets they’re not going to have any problems sharing techniques for getting people on the dancefloor, marketing and sales strategies. It’s opened a lot of doors.

Then of course, winning it would have done nothing for me if I didn’t take it and run with it when I got home. The day we got home I sent out press releases to all the local papers, saying I had won a nationally recognized award, and within our industry this is one of the highest honors. I sent it to my local Chamber of Commerce, and they did a feature story on it, the local radio station called to interview me. You have to take it and let everyone know that you won it and make a big deal of that fact; the general population, no one understands what it is, we might know, as DJs, that it’s admirable, but a local bride would have no idea.

So I educate the brides. When we got back, on our website we posted videos for each of the entertainers and their backgrounds. On my video, I took video from the competition, and played it up, the best of the best, one of the highest awards we can get, and I played the clip of Mike Walter announcing me…’The winner of the 2009 DJ of the year competition is…’

To any DJ debating on whether to enter, I say just get up and do it, be yourself, and realize that the performance that is going to win will be the one that’s most accessible to everyone, and it’s not all about getting everybody pumped, it’s about being unique. Don’t focus on motivating the crowd at the expense of giving them something to take home with them. That’s what it’s about.”

For more of Steve Moody’s Expo-winning experiences, check the next DJ Times….

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