How to Ace Your Linkedin Profile

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One social network that continues to gain traction, even in some ways more significant than Facebook, is LinkedIn. Its search engine capabilities are a great way to get mobile DJs noticed from catering directors and corporate-events personnel.
Lori Ruff and Mike O’Neil are social media “rock stars,” and their book, Rock the World with Your Online Presence, is chock-full of tactics you can employ today to maximize your presence and yield results.
Here are some of their ideas:

Browser: Consider using Firefox or its cousin, Flock, as your browser. Both have basic spell-check capabilities built in. Flock has several social media features built in.

Your Profile: A LinkedIn profile should be thought of as an online resume. The purpose of it is to find and be found. While a resume looks 90-percent back and maybe 10-percent forward, a LinkedIn profile is a forward-looking document. It tells people what you want to do moving forward, based on what you’ve done in the past. This is especially true for the Summary section of your profile.

When crafting verbiage for use in your profile, use your word processor, as the LinkedIn system currently has no spell check. After completing your profile in a Word doc, use the cut and paste function to transfer the text to the appropriate section on your profile…

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