How Crayola Can Increase Your Business

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What can a box of crayons teach you about persuading prospective clients to buy your DJ services?

“We compare the old box of crayons [eight colors, all standard] with the new boxes of 64 colors—sky blue, or Martian green, and how creative all these names are,” says DJ Steve Moody. “That sort of creativity we’ve now adopted when naming our wedding packages. What we formerly called our bronze, gold, and platinum packages, we now have more creative ideas: ‘completely charmed,’ ‘entirely enchanted,’ and ‘ultimately awestruck.'”

“We know that when people are more intrigued by a name they are more likely to read about what it is. For me, if I were going to buy something, the bronze package, just in name alone, wouldn’t inspire me to buy. The name alone makes it seem like it’s the bottom of the totem pole. Now, our bottom package is ‘Completely Charmed,’ which sounds more interesting. It’s made a difference in my business—people are more willing to take the time to understand what’s in it.”

Other suggestions?

“We’ve considered changing the names of our ‘basic,’ ‘ intermediate,’ and ‘professional’ packages,” says DJ Rionda. “People always ask us, ‘Are the basic and intermediate packages not professional?’ That gets annoying. So after seeing Steve Moody’s seminar at DJ Expo, where he talked about this, we’re thinking ‘Lite Green,’  ‘Speck of Silver,’ and ‘Always Gold.’ Good, huh?”