Holiday Cheer

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Mike Mahoney of M&M Entertainment in South Portland, Maine, is like most mobile DJs around the country. He says winter holiday bookings in 2012 were decent—but not necessarily great.

“We were expecting a blockbuster this year because of the way the calendar falls—with Christmas and New Year’s both falling on weekdays,” says Mahoney. “Instead, we found ourselves sitting at home the first Saturday of December. Sure, we had four company parties just in the first two weeks of the month, but I think this had more to do with companies seeking consistency than anything else.

Bookings for 2012:

Did They Return from the Dead?

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“I still booked a couple gigs in January, however, and at the last minute was called to verify a party for a long-time client on the second Saturday in January.”

Much discussion and debate has occurred over the timing and veracity of an economic comeback, especially with the verbal tit-for-tat between the candidates in last year’s presidential campaign.
Has the recovery started already? If not, will it start soon? How will changes in tax laws impact our bottom lines? And how can self-employed DJs plan for 2013 in response to holiday bookings we made in the final month of 2012?

Mahoney himself is hesitant to say the recovery is real. “For example, I have two companies that have had me as their entertainment for over five years now and I’m honored to continue to be their choice,” he says, “but I’m nervous because the numbers of employees working at these companies continues to dwindle. One company was down from a high of 60 employees to 32 this year. The other company hasn’t seen a drastic cut in employees, but has gone from having their company event at a beautiful upscale venue to gradually downsizing and having their party in a grange hall.

“Honestly, I think last year was

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