High Roller: DJ Miss Joy on Vegas Residencies, Stanton Gear, & More

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DJ Miss Joy has hit it big in Las Vegas. After growing up in Seattle, WA, Miss Joy hit the road and headed to the iconic Vegas Strip in 2002 to kick start her career as a DJ, beginning with her first show at the Palms Hotel and Casino’s Rain Nightclub. In the years that have followed, she’s become the talk of the town with gigs at some of the city’s hottest spots and awards from a variety of DJ organizations and competitions.

Now, she’s currently keeping herself exceptionally busy by simultaneously holding down residencies at the Cosmopolitan’s Bond Bar, Delano’s Mix, and the Cromwell’s Interlude Lounge. DJ Times connected with Miss Joy to chat about her gigs, gear, and upcoming projects.

DJ Times: How did you settle into Las Vegas full-time for your DJing career?
DJ Miss Joy: I moved to Las Vegas with just two record cases and a small suitcase of clothes. I crashed on my family’s couch for a bit to see how the “Entertainment Capital of the World” would have me. Sure enough, I moved out of the house after a months of being there. I worked three different jobs and had my foot in the door at various nightclubs. After three years of nonstop dancefloor crushing network outings, DJ auditions, and residencies, I was voted the No.1 female DJ in Las Vegas by City Life Magazine. My DJ name had been floating around the city for a while, but after the publication buzz, more offers had come in. I left my part-time gigs and pursued my full-time career as a DJ soon after.

DJ Times: What’s the average Miss Joy DJ set like, both style and energy-wise?
DJ Miss Joy: I tell my musical story eloquently with a timeline of sounds that moves your soul in motion. I pay close attention to the room, slowly building up the energy, noticing feet tapping, heads bobbing, and bodies rocking, while taking you on a journey of music with Funk, Soul, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, House, Bass and Breakbeats in my DJ repertoire.

DJ Times: What are some ways playing to Las Vegas crowds differ from clubs in other locations?
DJ Miss Joy: Most of the venues that I work for are run by multi-billion dollar corporate entities. With high professional standards from management, I strive to be the “Life and Soul of the Party.” We live in a hub where people come from all over the world to be entertained. It is important that in our location, we understand the demographic of our multicultural audience. We can’t please everyone, but we can try to musically.

DJ Times: You hold multiple residencies around town. What are some of the most important skills to have or develop for success as a resident DJ?
DJ Miss Joy: Having a wide range of music to produce a party vibe while delivering a DJ set with style and finesse is just as important as being professionally consistent and doing your due diligence.

DJ Times: How has the Stanton SCS.4DJ USB Mix Station and DJC.4 Virtual Digital Workstation changed how you approach your sets each night?
DJ Miss Joy: The Stanton SCS.4DJ and DJC.4 make for fun and smart portable units for me to play on. At charity events I’ll use one or the other to rock the stage. A lot of times kids and their parents would come up to me during my DJ set and ask about the gear. Giving short DJ lessons on the spot is normal for me when I am using Stanton gear. The controllers have intelligent and sophisticated design that is attractive to people who love music and DJing. The gear looks innovative and cool, and I can also spin my high-energy sets and have cue points, effects and looping functions right at my fingertips. All Stanton equipment makes for a solid piece of hardware.

DJ Times: You’re very involved with charity organizations in the area, correct? Which causes have you found particularly inspiring?
DJ Miss Joy: Yes, I have partnerships with various non-profit groups: Jump for Joy Foundation, Las Vegas Catholic Workers, and Shine Art Music and Cultural Center located in Laos, just to name a few. Each group has a very inspiring mission and goal to serve humanity, but the one that I am most passionate about is partnering up with Congo Justice LV to stop human trafficking. I have co-hosted human trafficking awareness events with my community collective group called the Human Experience in downtown Las Vegas. Using my music as a voice to serve a charitable cause has always been a reflection of my goodwill.

DJ Times: Are there any other projects you’re currently working on?
DJ Miss Joy: Currently I’m collaborating with my friends working on original music. Incorporating Stanton DJ gear, drum machines and samplers into my live sets complimented by vocals, drum kit and string elements to create both an acoustic and electronic sound. The creative process is so much fun! Stay tuned…

For more information, go to DJMissJoy.com.