Hercules’ Instinct P8: Small Unit, Solid Control

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DJUCED Software Gets More Juice

Hercules recently announced an upgrade to its DJUCED 40° DJ software — to Version 3.5 —and at the recent Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, Calif., we got a tour of its new capabilities. As DJUCED continues to evolve, it’s becoming easier for me to see it as software whose raison d’être is not solely for bundling with hardware and, in fact, that seems to be what they’re going for with the platform.

New in 3.5 is a refreshed approach to the UI that makes it scalable and dynamic to adjust to different display sizes and types. The waveform displays are improved, and the application now includes capabilities to guide you to tracks that mix best with the track currently playing, based on a combination of key and tempo — a nice aid both to aspiring DJs and more seasoned ones. The company has also broadened the support of its own hardware, and added some other new features around the edges.

I still find the effects and effects control to be fairly basic compared to others in the market which have really focused on effects in recent software iterations. But I do like the waveform treatment and track-to-track visual beat alignment layout; it follows the industry standard approach to it, meaning that DJs who learn with DJUCED will feel at home with other digital DJ applications should they want to make the jump at a later point. But with each new version, it seems less and less likely that a DJ would want to; the company is pretty serious about DJUCED, and as it continues down this path, it’ll be interesting to see where Hercules takes it.

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