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Sander Van Doorn


Vanessa Daou

Daou/KID Recordings

Daou returns with a beautifully crafted club vocal that delivers several knockout remixes. With her soulful, angelic delivery, Daou pours her vocal over a sweet chillout mix compliments of “Blank and Jones Late Night Mix.” But it’s the house mixes that really rates. Eric Kupper, Harlum, Terry Lee Brown, Jr., and The Timewriter all drop deep, soul-tech house mixes that should propel this right up the charts.– Phil Turnipseed

Play It Loud!

Marco Carola


With his first artist turn in nearly a decade, techno stalwart Carola blends the boom with some deep groove. Continuously mixed, the 18-track CD drops bassline rumblers all over the place. Top cuts? Try the warped and wobbly “Freak On” or the tough title cut.– Jim Tremayne

“Love is Darkness”

Sander van Doorn

Doorn Records

On van Doorn’s first-ever vocal single, singer Carol Lee offers a stronger presence than you find on most trance-leaning tracks. The mid-break channels Van Doorn’s sonic strengths—melody and propulsive beats. Expect this to get significant time on the main floor.– Natalie Raben

Golden Lady

Reel People

Reel People Music

Paying homage to Stevie Wonder, this witty long-player is filled with raw, organic, soulful house cuts that are as classy as they are moving. Exceptional album.– Shawn Christopher

“The L Word”

Deniz Kurtel feat. Jada

Crosstown Rebels

This driving floor-thumper offers an ass-shakin’ groove, fluid trance keys and a dark, enigmatic vocal. Guy Gerber brings in some hefty percussion, a little chunk-and-funk, along with some mind-blowing keys and elaborate effects. An amazing dance cut.– Shawn Christopher

It’s Windy

Marco Da Mata & Mathew

Ready Mix

Looking for something that’s fresh, new and exciting? Look no further. It’s Windy is a unique collection of sounds and rhythms that captures different genres, while still working some tough 4/4 beats. Prime cuts include: “Dancing With Elephants,” “Pushed,” “Cargo,” “Suite No.5,” “Une Nuit In Berlin.” A wicked release.– Phil Turnipseed



22 Digit

This one shows promise with four tech-house mixes that will get you moving. Check Tom Ellis’ chunky mix and Michael McLardy’s “Deeper Mix.” All are soulful. This is deep-tech that really rocks.– Phil Turnipseed

“One Records Sampler”

Various Artists

One Records

This tight little label comp showcases at least two highly worthy, late-night dancefloor rippers. Adam Shelton bangs out a percolating uber-groover on “I’m Dancing,” while Alex Arnout busts out a rich, grumbling bass line and deep vocal samples on “Vanishing Point.”– Shawn Christopher

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