Got Your Biz Cranking? You Don't Know Jack

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More than 5,000 people are attending the annual World Business Forum, held today and tomorrow at Radio City Music Hall. But you don’t need to, cause we’re gonna distill the entire conference into a few bite-size nuggets, courtesy of Jack Welch, celebrated former chairman of General Electric, who increased the corporations’ capitalization by nearly $400 billion—that’s a buncha light bulbs. Still, as a Red Sox fan, he’s no doubt continually haunted by underperformance.

He said today, on the subject of Management.

“Be candid with everyone. ”

“Change before you have to. ”

“Control your own destiny or someone else will. ”

“Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be. ”

“Giving people self-confidence is by far the most important thing that I can do. Because then they will act. “

“If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it you almost don’t have to manage them. ”

“The Internet is the Viagra of big business. ”

“Fear is a dead issue as a management tool.”

“Leaders: build the team, share the vision, develop the team and take the hill!

“We need nuts with ideas who are willing to drive through walls to make them happen.”

“Get the best players. Make them a team. And you win!”

“How to fascinate: You’ve got to have a something that adds value beyond what’s there. Why do they need you?”

“Markets only want you if you have something they don’t have.”

“You can’t talk about innovative passion that’s driving growth without mentioning Steve Jobs.”

“Bullpen kills Red Sox season. Despite injuries, if Papelbon had normal season Sox would have made playoffs. Okajima not Major material.”

OK, that last tip was a Jack Welch tweet…and we’d be under-performing if we didn’t add this last, valuable piece of business advice, that works in any situation: