Gorgon City Hits NYC’s Highline Ballroom Tonight, Verboten Club Tomorrow

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North London DJ/production duo Gorgon City, consisting of producers Kye “Foamo” Gibbon and Matt “RackNRuin” Robson-Scott, is riding high off of the October 6th release of their debut album, Sirens. Tonight Gorgon City will begin a two-date run of New York, kicking off at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan and ending at Verboten in Brooklyn. We sat down with the duo to talk about how they’ll approach the two vastly different venues, differences between the USA and the UK music industry, and much more.

Grab tickets to tonight’s show here and tomorrow’s show here.


DJ Times: You play the Highline Ballroom tonight and Verboten tomorrow. Will you take the same approach at each venue?
Gorgon City: Highline Ballroom will be more of a ‘gig’ vibe, so we will probably play more of our album material, and the Verboten set will be more clubby and underground.

DJ Times: You have an incredible roster of vocalists featured on your debut album, Sirens. Do any studio sessions stand out in particular?
Gorgon City: Working with Maverick Sabre was amazing; he is an incredible writer. Also, Katy B was great to work with. She’s a UK treasure and is amazing in the booth.

DJ Times: There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding the term “EDM” in the USA. What do you think of the resurgence of dance music here?
Gorgon City: It’s a good thing, as audiences are exposed to dance music on a large scale. Once they discover it, hopefully they’ll dig deeper and find out about all different types of electronic music.

DJ Times: How does DJing in front of US audiences differ from audiences in the UK?
Gorgon City: US audiences are great! They’re actually becoming quite similar to European crowds. The vibe in a club in Chicago can be very similar to one in London right now.

DJ Times: From Kiesza to Rita Ora, Sam Smith to Jessie J, UK pop artists are slowly making a breakthrough onto US pop radio. Why do you think this is?
Gorgon City: The output from the UK is very strong right now. We’re not sure exactly why, but it feels like British producers and singers are looking forward and innovating a lot. We’re big fans of Disclosure, Clean Bandit and Route 94, so it’s great to see them coming through over here.

DJ Times: You had a big 2013, and 2014 stands to a close as a landmark year for Gorgon City. What stands out from 2014, and what do you have on the horizon in 2015?
Gorgon City: Touring nonstop and finishing the album has been great. Certain festivals like Hard in LA, Hideout in Croatia, Glastonbury and Bestival have all been amazing. Also our season in Ibiza this summer was incredible. Thanks to everyone who came to see us!