Goldroom Gives Producers Chance to “Premix” New Single

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In 2014, any song that’s released is bound to be remixed and reworked a seemingly infinite number of times by producers all over the internet. Indie dance producer Goldroom is taking this notion and flipping it upside down with “The Premix,” a new idea for which he’s releasing the vocal stem of his new single “Till Sunrise” online ahead of the full track’s release on August 11.

Rather than a remix competition, the Los Angeles artist describes The Premix as a musical experiment to see how producers reinterpret and rework the single without being influenced by any of its arrangement or instrumentation. Goldroom invites fan to submit their premixes by tagging their tracks with #ThePremix, and he’ll share his favorite submissions.

Stream and download the vocal stem of “Till Sunrise” through Goldroom’s Soundcloud below.