Going, Going, Green

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Can Green Mean $Green?

Light Emitting Diodes (“LED”) lighting has quickly become a mainstay for DJs.  Some benefits of going “Green” with LED lighting, from the keypad of Ambient DJ Gregg Hollmann

Green Fixtures Result in Environmental Savings
LED lights draw little power, meaning that many fixtures can be operating from a single 15 or 20 amp circuit.  In addition, LED fixtures typically have an average life span of 50,000 hours of usage. In other words you could run a fixture 24 hrs a day for 2,083 days, or 5.7 years before the LEDs would burn out (WOW)!  More likely, a DJ might run an LED fixture  250 hours a year, meaning that properly stored, the fixture will last well more than the length of an average DJ career.  Less power draw and a longer replacement cycle result in big environmental savings!

Rich and Vibrant Colors

Today’s fixtures come in many shapes and sizes ranging from can style (e.g., Chauvet LED Rain par cans), slim par can style (e.g., the Puck by Blizzard Lighting or Chauvet Slimpar 56) and bar style (e.g., Chauvet COLORstrip).  The color saturation and brightness of these fixtures are amazing and can be used as effect lighting for your dance floor, wash lighting or perhaps for uplighting.  Have a theme color for your event? With color mixing, the exact color you want can be mixed with stunning detail and clarity.

Small and Lightweight Fixtures

In years past, lighting fixtures were often heavy and cumbersome.  In addition, they were power hogs and ran extremely hot (particularly dangerous when small children are running around and drawn to  lighting like moths to a flame!).   The LED revolution has made the mobile professional’s job easier and safer.  Mobile professionals love small and lightweight as our trade requires us to store, move, set up and take down  gear frequently. Our clients trust us to bring the party to them, and these wonderful tools allow us have a huge impact, while still remaining mobile.  Regarding temperature, LED lights do not generate any noticeable heat, and never require cool-down periods.

Power Linking

Power linking is the ability to power one fixture from another using a power link cord.  Using the power link cord from one fixture, you then daisy chain other fixtures down the line in the same manner. Most fixtures allow up to 31 additional fixtures to be linked this way, giving greater flexibility to the operator who no longer has to use long extension cable runs to areas lacking a readily available power outlet.