Go Behind The Scenes of Richie Hawtin’s ENTER. Video Screens

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It’s easy to lose sight of the work that goes into the production of a live show, but Richie Hawtin’s new video series “Behind The Screen” aims to break down and explain the process. The first video, Synchronicity, details the work of Ali Demirel and Matthias Vollrath, who are responsible for Richie Hawtin’s live visuals and lights, respectively. Using footage from Hawtin’s performance at Creamfields Festival in the UK this past summer, the video shows off the synchronization between the visuals and lighting, which are all triggered on the fly without any guidelines from Hawtin. Throughout the clip, the music, lights, and visuals all play off each other in such a way that ENTER likens the improvisation to members playing in a live band.

Watch ENTER. Synchronicity above, and catch future installments on Richie Hawtin’s YouTube Channel.

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