Girl Talk's Sample Clearance

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Girl talk mans the computer screen at a concert

Girl Talk: can you count to 372?

With the release of Girl Talk’s All Day album yesterday, sample clearance lawyers can finally take a break (actually, since Girl Talk provides his albums free on the Internet, he’s tougher to prosecute, and thus a nightmare for the RIAA). We intercepted this IM between two fans of the free….

crusty: hey, hear new Grl Talk?

imabomb: y, offered it free download yesterdy. million samples.

crusty: been freakin since Limewire went down. what you think?

imabomb: kinda like Black Sabbath thumping on 2Pac with Jay-Z, Ludacris, N.W.A., Eminem looking on while Jane’s Addiction and Color Me Badd smoke dope and the Ramones try to get money to pay for Slick Rick’s after-incarceration classes while playing The Doors.

crusty: rlly? more like Missy Elliot bouncing to General Public while Beck finds religion and Snoop Dog rolls another joint and Sir Mix-a-Lot finds his zip code at a cheap Fugazi concert that Dr. Octagon never showed up for which pissed off the guys in ELO who were upset that Billy Preston and Aaliyah died and Miley Cyrus never got to appreciate them.

imabomb: out your mind? don’t hear Iggy Pop cutting himself with a shard from a Moet bottle handed to him by Diddy?

crusty: didn’t hear Radiohead throwing up on New Edition?

imabomb: can’t get the sound out of my head of Billy Squier looking to get paid.

crusty:  he should talk to 50 Cent.

imabomb: Simon n Garfunkel.

crusty: wtf?