Ghetto Bird Hovers over Wolfgang Gartner’s Nabe

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SXSW to Blame?

gartner, sxswWolfgang Gartner returned to his Austin, Texas neighborhood last night from a recent New York City/Toronto DJ jaunt to find helicopters circling overhead. “The ghetto bird is following something through peoples’ backyards,” tweeted Gartner, the electro-house re-invention of Joey Youngman. “I think there’s a fugitive on the loose!”

The incident coincided with 1,900 indie rock bands descending on Austin to attend the annual South By Southwest Music Conference, and it quickly intensified. “Holy shit! My quiet suburban neighborhood looks like a f*&^%$#@ murder scene right now,” Gartner tweeted, “There’s a perimeter set up at all the entrances. WTF?”

WTF indeed. At first, the police perimeter and the SXSW conference appeared to be unrelated, but then it was discovered that a band from Finland called Nipple Freak on Tuesday night had performed a version of Genesis’ “Invisible Touch” without irony, prompting festival attendees to stare down the bass player, a man named Agnar, from the venue. He hasn’t been seen since.

A spokesperson for Nipple Freak indicated the song was in honor of Genesis’ recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Gartner will be spinning at SXSW Friday night at Aces Lounge, his debut appearance at the conference, and then, presumably, he’ll return to the studio. “I’m always in the studio,” Gartner said recently, “That’s all I do—sleep and eat and fly and record.”

Other DJ acts include Ceeplus Bad Knives, Canada’s Eh Team DJ’s, and a Stones Throw party featuring Peanut Butter Wolf.