#FreePlayFriday – 5/2/2014

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May’s finally here, so start the new month off with a set of new music! Grab four free tracks from this week’s #FreePlayFriday.

Paula Temple’s remix of Perera Elsewhere’s “Ebora” kicks off this week’s picks. Described as “Doom Folk meets Techno,” the track features Yoruban chants accompanied by fizzling bass clashes and tribal drum patterns. The end result is dark, a little unnerving, and entirely unforgettable.

With a new Lana Del Rey single out and a new album in the near future, it’s time to prepare for the onslaught of remixes that’s sure to descend upon the Internet in the coming weeks. Luckily, KTheory’s remix of “West Coast”—the first track off the upcoming Ultraviolence­—is a sign of good things to come. The San Francisco-based trio takes the grungy pop song and refits it with a smattering of industrial electro beats, with Lana’s white noise-laced vocals conjuring images of a Normcore siren ushering listeners toward her.

Hailing from Miami, FL, production duo The Runners drop the festival-ready “Smack” for free from their Soundcloud. Sampling The Prodigy’s classic “Smack My Bitch Up,” the track is a relentless electro weapon that makes quite the first impression. The track’s drop has a bit of an exotic flair that would fit nicely into big room sets this festival season.

Joachim Garraud fans are in for a treat with a free download of DJ GetDown’s remix of “Are U Ready.” DJ GetDown takes the blippy 8-bit original and flips it on its head to become a twerk-ready trap bouncer. Grab the track and the rest of this week’s picks from our Soundcloud below.