REVIEW: Frankenstand F1& F2 Speaker Stands

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“Working smarter, not harder” is a mantra that just makes sense, and is certainly apropos at midnight—especially for DJs after a long and successful wedding reception.

To that end, gear suppliers to the mobile-DJ market have made this “job one” over the last decade or so: constructing products which are lighter, easier to transport/set up, and simpler to use out of the box.

More than a decade ago, Mike Ryan (a longtime mobile jock and former ADJA President) set out on a mission—to completely redesign the speaker stand. His innovative product—named Frankenstand—was the first gas-shock, hydraulic stand on the market. To this day, Frankenstand ( retains its status as an industry-leading product, something that, in my view, is the best of the best.

The latest Frankenstands are manufactured in two models. The F1 is made for speakers 35 to 50 pounds, while the F2 serves larger speakers, from 55 to 80 pounds. They are built from reinforced steel and thick, walled aluminum and are designed to retain a perfect balance between stability and portability. As 15 pounds each, they weigh about the same as the all-aluminum competitors—yet are much sturdier and built to last.

From the high-quality braking system and “EZ Open” mechanism, which makes expanding to the widest base a snap, to the smallest details like rubber feet that are glued on, these stands were clearly designed with working DJs in mind.

There are plenty of “air-powered” speaker stands in the marketplace, so what is it that truly makes the Frankenstand better? It’s the concept of “neutral buoyancy.” Working on the same concept as the hydraulic mechanism that smoothly lifts your hood or your office chair, Frankenstands were constructed to assist you in raising and lowering your speakers, with assist being the key word.

While other stands appear on face to do a better job of lifting the speaker into place, they also force you to fight the weight of the speaker along with their overturned hydraulic system, making it twice as much work to lower your stand at the end of a long gig.

Not content to design better stands, Ryan also recently went back to drawing board on bag design, taking inspiration from golf-bag manufacturers, ending up with a truly exceptional piece. Two separate compartments prevent your stands from being scratched. Add in high-quality zippers, ballistic nylon, well-placed handles and a nifty shoulder strap for easy transport and DJs can see that these are outstanding carriers.

Having used all kinds of stands over the years from the budget to high-priced variety, I can honestly say that none even come close to Frankenstand F1 and F2 units ($129.99 each). They are well-constructed, good-looking, sturdy and easy-to-use, and the owner of the company is a well-respected, hard-working DJ and a great guy. Highly recommended.

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