For DJs, Print is Dead Too

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dewey defeats truman paper

Digital defeats “Dewey defeats Truman”

The times they are a-changin, and for many DJs that means a switch from the traditional modes of advertising to more creative means of announcing the benefits offered to customers.

Do you still show up at bridal shows? Do you purchase ad space in the Yellow Pages? Or do you even . . . gasp . . . post your services on Craigslist?

“For me it’s nothin’ but net,” says Portland, Maine DJ Michael Mahoney. “Seriously, it’s no print media at all. In fact, when I do choose a print option, I label it as charity because that’s the only print I do—for school plays and such.

“And I do absolutely no bridal shows, except an invitation-only boutique show, and even then it’s as a favor to the venue putting it on. If I get an event out of it (and I generally do) it’s merely a bonus.”

Michael admits he’s engaged in some online advertising opportunities with the Yellow Pages. “But that’s still in the testing phase,” he adds, “so I have no empirical data yet to determine how it’s doing.”

As for Craigslist, Michael says he ignores that advertising position completely. He does continue to use business cards to promote his services at events, and distributes personalized Frisbees and t-shirts on occasion, but both merely for name recognition.

“I never expect a direct return on investment from those items,” he explains. “I probably don’t get enough leads in to be a multi-op, but I certainly get enough to fill my calendar and make a few friends along the way.”