Flashback Cruise Celebrates 4 Decades of Dance & Pop Culture; Announces Lineup

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The past and the present will unite early next year on the Flashback Cruise, a three-day getaway celebrating four decades of dance music and pop culture with world-renowned live performers, DJs, comedians, TV stars, and guest chefs.

Slated to sail from Miami to the Bahamas from February 27-March 2, 2015, the Flashback Cruise’s lineup will represent the full spectrum of dance music: from its inception as disco to its progression to house and later EDM. Lime, TKA, Nicky Siano, and Hex Hector are joined by DJ Skribble, DJ Riddler, Johnny Vicious, and a sea of other performers. The rest of the lineup and headliners are scheduled to be unveiled in September, but the current list is above.

In addition to the musical events, the cruise will also include appearances from producers, radio and TV personalities, and comedians. Guests will also be able to experience a celebrity cook-off, with the winner’s charity of choice will receive a donation. Additionally, a portion of Flashback Cruise’s bookings will be donated to Charity:Water’s awareness campaign.

Bookings for Flashback Cruise are available now. For more information, go to FlashbackCruise.com.

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