Find Out if You're Cooler than Mike Posner—at DJ Expo

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How does one, exactly, qualify as cooler than Mike Posner?

J Records signed the 22-year-old to a record deal based on a mix tape he made in his college dorm room, before his senior year, at Duke. Would Coach K approve?

He would if he knew that Posner’s debut single, “Cooler Than Me,” topped the Billboard Dance Charts last week.

To promote his debut album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff, set to drop August 10, Posner will perform at the International DJ Expo, on Tuesday, August 17 at the Promo Only party at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. Perhaps if he didn’t have to wait so long in his airplane on the tarmac, he’d be cooler. Why board so early?

We’re not judging. But Nu-Jacks and Justin wannabees be warned. Posner can bring the beats.

Other performers include Kelly Rowland, Shaggy, Salt-N-Pepa, Judy Torres, Alexis Jordan, Auburn, Jessica Jarrell, Jump Smokers, Kaci Battaglia, Tiffany Dunn & Tino Coury. Plus, Showcase VJs: 2nd Nature, DVDJ Unique & Kris P.