The Winner in the War Against Global Warming: Big Fur

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Although our solution to global warming has tended on the side of practical—we just remove a layer of clothing during the winter—not everybody chooses such a simplistic approach. Many people are adopting more high-minded ways of assuring the planet’s survival. For them, Earth Day, which turns 40 today, is like Christmas.

Evan Reitmayer, owner of MyDeejay, has been leading the charge for green. He’s embraced carbon neutrality by buying Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and Carbon Offsets that total 100% of the yearly carbon impact of his company’s car and truck emissions and electricity use.

Full disclosure: We don’t disagree with the science. We just don’t understand the science.

Reitmayer purchased 35,800 Kilowatt-hours (kWh) of certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and 41 tons of carbon offsets from Vermont-based NativeEnergy.

OK, we still don’t know what that means.

“We have now developed a comprehensive environmental policy and we require all of our DJs to follow that policy,” he says. “This includes using recycled paper in our marketing materials and paperwork, operating a ‘paperless’ office, and recycling as much of our waste as possible.”

MyDeejay also joined the EPA’s Green Power Partnership, a program that seeks to increase the use of green energy sources among leading U.S. organizations.  Partners in the program purchase green power in an amount that must meet or exceed EPA benchmarks, and in return receive EPA technical assistance and recognition.

OK, that last part, we’re still not getting it.

“Since we only perform for weddings, we’ve had a great deal of interest from our clients looking for ways that they can reduce the environmental impact of their wedding,” he says.

Oh? You mean, “going green” can lead to “bottom-line green”? We get that!

“We even took the step of adding an advice article on our website, complete with links to online ‘green wedding’ resources.”

Ok, we get it.

“I think this is an area where DJs can have a significant impact. More than almost any other event service, we talk to the widest array of business owners in the industry every weekend.”

Ok. Yeah, we get it.

“It’s my opinion that everyone—regardless of political affiliation—needs to be a part of the solution, because this will affect all of us in the future.”

Ok, Ok, we’re shopping online today for winter coats–we love fur!

All Kidding Aside Dept: Using a laptop instead of a desktop computer can save 90% on electricity.

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