Feed Me Opens Record Label Sotto Voce

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UK’s Feed Me just released his debut album Calamari Tuesday earlier this month, but he’s showing no signs of slowing down with the unveiling of his record label Sotto Voce. Feed Me—one of producer Jon Gooch’s artistic aliases—aims to search for and discover producers with genuine artistic beliefs, so as to create a tight-knit family without hampering anyone’s creative expression. In addition to housing artists like Tjani and Zeros whom Gooch admires, SoVo will provide a home for his own work, with Calamari Tuesday representing the label’s first release.

Gooch himself spoke of the artists he’s looking for, saying:

“I’m looking for people with genuine conviction and direction – technical ability isn’t priority.”

To foster this search, Gooch has opened up submissions to everyone. Producers looking to submit their tracks for label considerations can go to SottoVoce.co and click the Demo Submissions tab. More information on the label is available there, as well.