F*** Me I’m Famous: Guetta Glitterbombs NYC

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Rocking Roseland: David & Cathy Guetta

Rocking Roseland: David & Cathy Guetta




New York City— It wasn’t quite the upscale party scene of Ibiza’s Pacha club or, say, the exclusive environs of the Monaco International Clubbing Show, but Cathy and David Guetta did their best to turn Manhattan’s Roseland Ballroom into a larger-than-life F*** Me I’m Famous extravaganza this past Thursday, Feb. 9.

The world-famous party brand dropped a big glitterbomb on The City That Never Sleeps, and everyone ate it up—from the Black-AMEX fashionistas to the wide-eyed dancefloor dwellers. Pop music, after all, is for everyone.

Yes, the glitzy accoutrements were all there, from the step-and-repeat/photo booth at the back-door entrance to the FMIF-branded pipe-and-drape all over the legendary midtown venue. Even the upstairs area had been converted into VIP tables, complete with bottle service—of course. One of the attendants told me that the tables were being offered for $7,500 to $10,000 a pop, and that they’d sold more than 30 of them. Even the dancefloor punters, adding up online service charges, paid in the $100 range. And then there were the $50 FMIF t-shirts. Do the math.

Nonetheless, aside from the models-and-bottles scene, there were plenty who came for the music, and when you come to a David Guetta/F*** Me I’m Famous show, it’s hit after vocal hit: “Without You,” “Love Is Gone,” “Titanium,” “Where Them Girls At,” “When Love Takes Over,” “Turn Me On,” etc. By the time Guetta dropped “Sexy Bitch” mid-set, the joint was his—Roseland was going off, VIP tables be damned.

After taking the mic early in the set to offer his customary hellos, Guetta soon settled down and let the music do the talking. Working his Pioneer DJM-900nexus/CDJ-2000 combo, Guetta also offered some visuals to well-lathered audience—lit-up robots, lithe dancers, massive CO2 blasts, bold lighting patterns—enough to keep the party going and quickly change mood when necessary.

During the evening, I ran into NYC-based DJ/producer Tommie Sunshine—as I always seem to do at Guetta gigs—and he was over the moon that Guetta had dropped the mix he and The Disco Fries did of the uber-nasty “212” by Azealia Banks feat. Lazy Jay.

“Hey, the No. 1 DJ in the world is playing our music,” he said, and later reiterated on his Facebook page. “What’s not to like?”

Judging from the crowd—even the nose-in-the-air glitterati—he wasn’t alone.

– Jim Tremayne