Ex-NYC Rocker Finds a New Set List in Midwest

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Cleveland, Ohio—A funny thing happened to Lew Bodee when he visited Cleveland nearly 23 years ago.

Bodee, then a twenty-something rock guitarist from East Flatbush, Brooklyn, traveling with his dad to explore some business opportunities, went to an Iggy Pop concert and met Miriam, a 20-year-old music fan who had been DJing in some local clubs.

“I never did make it back to Brooklyn,” he laughs.

He married Miriam, his bass player died, the band broke up, and he found refuge and a life force behind the decks—as Bodacious Entertainment, his single-system company, and also as a DJ for his wife’s company, Music by Miriam.

“Miriam got a call to do a wedding,” Bodee recalls, “and I covered her club gigs; and then more weddings followed, and after being reluctant to do weddings—I thought they were cliché-type gigs—I took some of them on.”

And the DJing duo—Bodacious specializes in karaoke and clubs, but does plenty of weddings for his wife’s company—works quite nicely, thank you.

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