Effective Marketing for Wedding DJs

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By Laura Cave

Identifying and attracting bridal customers can be a real challenge.

Unlike corporate customers or entertainment venues, your potential bridal clients change every year. They’re busy and distracted by a marketplace full of messages. And most of them don’t know the first thing about hiring a DJ!

The key to an effective marketing program is making sure your advertisements target this elusive group and deliver relevant and compelling messaging. Here’s how:

How to Target Brides

Sure, a billboard on a busy stretch of highway will get your brand message in front of thousands of people, but are they people who are in the market to hire a DJ?

Maybe—maybe not.

Many forms of traditional marketing aren’t very efficient at identifying the bridal customer. When you spend money on an advertisement, you want to make sure every marketing dollar is harnessed to deliver qualified leads.

To reach today’s brides, consider marketing your business on bridal websites or in bridal magazines, as the majority of people reading those publications are planning weddings. These media entities have done the hard work of attracting brides with inspirational and useful content, so they have her full attention.


Some wedding directories are free and some are paid. Just remember, you’re buying an audience, not just an ad. Make sure you ask them how many brides they have in your market when you’re evaluating the cost.

Make Sure Your Ad Works for You, Not Against You

You’re on the right track if you’ve placed ads in magazines and on websites that brides use. Now it’s up to you to stand out from the competition.

Here are a few tips for creating eye-catching bridal ads:

1.     Choose photographs that tell a story. Brides will not be as excited about a picture of your equipment as they will be to see a packed dancefloor or a romantic first dance. A bride should be able to see herself in your ads.

2.     Size matters. If your directory listing includes a thumbnail image, choose one that stands out at a small size. Conversely, if you are choosing a photo for a full-page magazine ad, make sure it’s a high-resolution image with lots of detail that really conveys the experience your service provides.

3.     Give her an idea of pricing. Nothing is more frustrating than getting inquiries from brides who can’t afford you or have unrealistic expectations. Our profiles on TheKnot.com allow you to choose how many dollar signs to put on your profile to differentiate between budget and luxury options. You might also mention the range of packages or a starting price point on your website.

4.     Include your contact info. Now that you have her attention, include a clear call to action with relevant contact information. Your website and a phone number may be all she needs to reach out and start a conversation.

Consider Additional Ways to Stand Out

A listing in a wedding directory or an ad in a bridal magazine is a great place to start. But you may want to consider other tactics to stand out from the competition. Email, social-media campaigns, or even direct mail can be helpful ways to incentivize a bride to call you rather than your competition.

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