EDM's Rising Star: Avicii

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DJ Avicii behind the decks at a club
New Swedish Mafia

Avicii’s melodic, energetic tracks are based in house music, yet are somewhat trancey and spiced with a dash of techno. His sets tend to be irresistible, unending hookfests. Not bad for a kid who, after being voted a winner on Pete Tong’s Fast Trax show, has only been producing for four years.

So, as “Seek Bromance”—a vocal edit of “Bromance” featuring Amanda Wilson from Samuele Sartini’s “Love U Seek” track—hit the stores and he closed down a massive 2010 campaign, we visited Avicii, one of EDM’s youngest rising stars.

Tell us about your experience in the Laidback Luke online forum. First off, Laidback Luke has always been an inspiration for me. He uses all these sounds and I have massive respect for him. Then I found out that he has a forum where he can mentor up-and-coming producers—people like Afrojack, Max Vangeli, Bart B More. I think Steve Angelo was even on his forum. I went into it and sent him a private message with a couple of tracks. And he responded with a lot of feedback and then I just sent him everything I had—everything—and he kept responding. He really helped me. He helped develop my sound.

What were you into when you started out? I was really into electro when it had already had its peak—it was on the way down—so he advised me to go in a more techy direction, to incorporate tech elements, get away from the electro sound.

To become a little less buzzy. Exactly. Now I can’t listen to that anymore [laughs]. It’s funny how that works, but he helped get me away from that. I still send everything to him.

And he gives you technical advice. Oh, yes. He’ll tell me to raise the volume of the kick or to compress the claps more or put the bass mono, instead of stereo.

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