Dusky Channel 1980s Animation in Cosmic ‘Yoohoo’ Video

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House duo Dusky are showcasing their love for classic 1990s rave house with their new single “Yoohoo,” and they’ve premiered a new video to take listeners on an intergalactic journey.

For the video, Dusky pairs the piano house track with retro digital visuals recalling 1980s animation. The graphic elements take on an aesthetic channeling the Disney cult classic Tron, but it’s the Salvadore Dalí-esque surrealism of the images that leave a last impression. With the track’s groovy rhythms and vocal samples leading the charge for the cosmic adventure, the video is sure to garner multiple replays.

“Yoohoo” is due out November 23 via 17 Steps. Watch the video above and go to DuskyMusic.com for more information.