Drop Out of College, Enroll in Swedish House Mafia

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swedish house mafia

The University of Northern Iowa’s shocking upset over top-seeded Kansas in the NCAA Tournament ruined our bracket in the office-pool, blowing our chance at netting the $10,000 booty and a Lost Weekend in Bayonne.

But at least this unlikely run has paid off for the Northern Iowa Panthers.

It’s generated for the university 10,000 media mentions, 233,678 searches in the month of March alone, and an increase on its Facebook fan page of 25% to 16,711.

Seems like higher education has been the winner here, but DJ Paul Swytch thinks otherwise.

“I spent upwards of 50k on a degree in recording science,” says Swytch, a.k.a. Trill Bass. “I won’t name the school for obvious reasons, but I wish to this day that I would have taken the money I invested in a mediocre education about the basics of audio gear. With the Internet being the best reference library on the planet, via YouTube tutorials, you can pretty much find out how to do anything you want with audio programs. I strongly believe that online video tutorials are the future.”

We asked Steve Angello, a DJ who regularly schools clubbers as part of Swedish House Mafia, how he could have saved Trill the 50K. “If you like a specific sound make sure you don’t copy the sound entirely cause its gonna complicate building a sound under your name,” he told us. “Another good thing is to compare sounds or levels with well known tracks to get that full sound image.”

Thanks teach, now where’s the kegger?