How to "Do the Right Thing" In 'Bama

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DJ Steve Metz moved from Chicagoland to in Hampton Cove , Alabama, in 2002 to find a console he could call home. A club DJ by trade, he soon discovered a need for high-end weddings, and Metropolitan Disc Jockey Service was soon launched.

“We practice a simple philosophy: ‘Do the right thing for the client’.”

“Do the right thing,” beyond Spike Lee, might include sending a bottle of Dom to the client’s table at an event, preparing a special remix, or purchasing umbrellas for the entire bridal party at a rainy outdoor event. “Sometimes it’s as simple as giving my suit jacket to the mother of the bride if the venue seems a bit chilly,” says Metz. “Or talking the kitchen into an extra entree for the groom.”

Metz also tries to do the right thing using social networking. “We ask every client to participate in our social network sites and to get their friends involved too,” he says. “We post images and comments following every event to keep the sites fresh and active. We attend small business and networking functions weekly, and I personally have a goal to visit with two people who have referred business to us each week. Fortunately, we never have to do anything for free any longer, and we don’t price match our competition. Our calendar stays full and ‘cutting deals’ at this point is just giving money away, plus you reach a wonderful yet strangely humbling point in business when your time becomes as valuable as money.”

The result? $2,000 per gig, and rising higher than the Mississippi River over a New Orleans levee.