Do Your Tracks Ooze Eno?

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The trial-and-error approach to songwriting, as told to DJ Times by Booka Shade’s Arno Kammermeier, who picked it up from Brian Eno.

“Many times, what he did was with the big, 24-track, recording machines, [Eno] would play one track, then he’d play the whole next song with the setting leftover from the previous track. We do this many times in the computer. Like, we have it where all of a sudden the bassline is played by the synth, or the bass drum is played by another instrument. In the end, to get the emotion and to capture the initial idea, this is the most difficult thing to do. It’s a painful process of stepping back and asking ourselves, “Have I lost the feeling?” That’s why an album production is so much pain, because the creative process is emotionally straining and challenging.”

Check the full Booka Shade interview in the next issue of DJ Times.