Do You Want Out of the "Commodity Trap"? Here's How

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For many DJs, price is more of an issue than ever. And so it is for DJ Paul Evans, who offers a solution: DJs who generate positive reviews and unique offerings can nonetheless do well, even in a sluggish economy.

“There are still plenty of fully employed couples making good wages who want to spend on a wedding DJ with great reviews who offers some unique features, and online reviews are key,” Paul says. “My company [Silver Sound] has over 150 reviews at, which is the de facto rating sight for wedding service providers by region.

“Shoppers want to go with the companies that have the strongest reviews. Better service, delivery and presentation are key areas, but you are sunk without great responsiveness. The recession makes the line between the commodity players competing on price versus those who offer a unique experience clearer than ever.”

Those in the commodity trap are in a downward spiral peddling mediocrity, Paul explains, whereas the best can prosper even during a recession.

“The recession is a necessary function of every business cycle, because it flushes out the pretenders,” he says. “We are at 940 events in the last twelve months, and we hope to get to a thousand events for 2010. Take lots of pictures, post your events on Facebook, ‘friend’ your clients and their friends, and then tag them in your pictures.

“Viral marketing is key in social networking, while relationships, reviews and referrals are key.”

DJ Jason Jani will be speaking about viral marketing and the role of social networking at the International DJ Expo, Monday at 11:00 a.m., August 16, at the Trump Taj Mahal.