DMC Opens Battle Competition to Long-Distance DJs

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close up shot of turntable stylus on vinyl
The final battle?

DMC, the torch-bearers of old-school competitive analogue turntablism, continues to broaden its digital channels by enabling virtual DJs to compete in the DMC via online video, open to any battle DJs from remote corners of the world, like Riyadh, or, presumably, Gilligan’s Island. Even Bayonne, New Jersey.

You’ll remember that digital DJ software manufacturer Serato recently struck a sponsorship deal to co-sponsor the 2011 DMC competition, allowing DJs to use Scratch Live in the six-minute competition and the team finals.

The DMC Online DJ Championship is a natural next step, since many past DMC champs have embraced digital. The competition launches  tomorrow, February 3.

DJs can upload their filmed two-minute DJ showcases, which will go live to the public on March 3.

Viewers will vote and select the top 10 finalists, who will then be judged by former DMC World Champions. Fans can vote for as many DJs as they like, but only one vote per DJ, per round.

One champion and one vice-champion will advance every two weeks. There will be a total of 11 rounds. If you don’t make the top two in one round, you can try again and upload a set in any of the following rounds.

And if you win, you get an expense-paid trip to the 2011 DMC World DJ Championships in London (pack a toothbrush), and will be eligible to enter the live event alongside the World’s national DJ Champions or can opt to showcase your winning online battle set live on stage at the DMC World DJ Finals.

DJs competing can use any and all equipment in their online battle performances, but the winner will be required to abide by the rules and equipment stipulations of the live DMC World DJ Championships in this year’s competitions, locally and nationally.

The Online DJ Championship Final will be held in August, 2011. The final 22 DJ contenders standing will each film and upload a full six-minute showcase style DJ set. The worldwide audience will vote again to select the best of the best 10 finalists who will then be judged by former DMC World Champions.

For info about uploading check here.