Daft Punk Premiere New Video Spot for “Lose Yourself to Dance”

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The robots of Daft Punk made a storm last month after canceling a performance on The Colbert Report due to a contract dispute regarding an appearance at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. Sunday’s broadcast saw the duo presenting an award with Pharrell and Nile Rodgers, as well as premiering a new video spot for “Lose Yourself to Dance.” [READ MORE] Continue reading

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Stephen Colbert ‘Gets Unlucky’ After Daft Punk Cancels Performance

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It seems that Stephen Colbert got Daft Punk’d. Despite Colbert’s announcement last week that the French duo would appear on his show on Tuesday for its first live performance since the release Random Access Memories, the robots failed to appear on yesterday’s program. [READ MORE] Continue reading

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Daft Punk’s New LP Debuts At #1, Sells 339,000 Copies In The USA

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With sales surpassing one million units, Random Access Memories, Daft Punk’s first studio album since 2005’s Human After All, debuted at the top of album charts around the world in its first week. [READ MORE] Continue reading

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