Guy Gerber Releases Free Album & North American Dates

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Guy Gerber is settling into his new Wisdom of the Glove residency at Pacha in Ibiza, but he’s still managed to find time to produce and release a free album, Who’s Stalking Who. Available for download on his Soundcloud, the album is an 11-track, 1-hour tour-de-force filled to the brim with deep grooves and pulsing bass. [READ MORE] Continue reading

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Clubs, DJs & Producers: Markus Schulz’s Faves

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When you’ve been spinning around the world for the past two decades, it’s not surprising that you’d have an educated take on what’s what in the world of EDM.

So, taken from a recent DJ Times cover story on renowned global-DJ/producer Markus Schulz, here we reveal the mileage-approved preferences of [...] Continue reading

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