Obama and DJ AM Wre$tling Match?

President Obama has equated his struggle with congressional Republicans over extending the Bush-era tax cuts to a “wrestling match”—the GOP, with a Flying Leg Lock, wishes to extend the cuts, while the Obama administration, employing the Atomic Surfboard, wants to … Continue reading

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Obama’s Drilling Policy: DJs, Let There be Lights!

President Obama announced yesterday that large sections of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico and an area off the coast of Virginia would be opened for oil and natural gas drilling, the clearest signal yet from the administration that its energy … Continue reading

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Health Care for DJ Biz Owners: Historic or Hellish?

Ushering in what’s expected to alter the way you buy health insurance, President Obama announced the passage of health care reform last night by claiming, “As a country, we can still do great things.” When the dust settles, the legislation … Continue reading

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