DJ White Shadow Releases Explosive ‘Fear’ Video & Gears Up for EP Trilogy

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After having worked his way up through the Detroit party scene, DJ White Shadow came to prominence in 2010 after being hand-selected by Lady Gaga to help produce 9 tracks for her Born This Way. Since then, he’s released the I’m Killing Me EP, toured the US as part of 2011s’ Identity Festival, and been produced more track for Lady Gaga’s just-confirmed ARTPOP album. He’s just released a video for “Fear,” a track taken from his upcoming EP.[read more] Continue reading

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News: Deadmau5′s Beats, MTV’s Meat

The buzz surrounding Lady Gaga and her meat dress at last night’s MTV VMA Awards has yet to subside–and we’re frankly surprised that no one has made a fuss about our blazer made of whole wheat pizza–but we have taken … Continue reading

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Can Chicago House Music Fill Iconic Hole?

With the announcement that Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is vacating office after his term ends, Chicago is flagellating in a potential political vacuum, wondering how they’re going to fill such an iconic hole—after all, Daley has held office since 1989, … Continue reading

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Top 5 All-Time Digital Downloads (two have performed at DJ Expo)

Of the Top 5 digital downloads in the history of recorded music, two have made appearances at the DJ Expo. 1. The Black Eyed Peas: “I Gotta Feeling,” 6,049,000. #1 for 14 weeks, beginning in July 2009. 2. Flo Rida … Continue reading

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Yum: Promo Only Party @ DJ Expo

It was 20 years ago today, or 20 years ago this summer, anyway, when the International DJ Expo made its first appearance. Since then, a phalanx of hit-makers—from C+C Music Factory to Lady Gaga—have graced the stage, offering Expo attendees … Continue reading

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DJ Expo will Catapult your Career—like Lady Gaga’s

We’ll make the claim, sure, and shamelessly so. When Lady Gaga performed at the DJ Expo in 2008 at the House of Blues—brought at the insistence of Akon—she was a fixture on New York’s Lower East Side nightlife, but nowhere … Continue reading

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At the Alamo, Lady Gaga is No-No

Err, Houston—DJ Olyn Taylor has a problem.  He loves Lady Gaga as much as anyone, especially the new video for “Telephone,” but arty skin-flick music videos stand as much chance of acceptance in Texas grade-school events as, say, Death Row … Continue reading

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