Kaskade Launches Video, Tour into ‘Atmosphere’ Ahead of Album

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First previewed during Kaskade’s set on the main stage of Ultra Music Festival back in March, “Atmosphere” finally has a video. Released today, the video for the single features Kaskade himself singing directly to the camera of a photo booth. He is soon joined by fans singing along to the track before the entire warehouse erupts into an all-out party. [READ MORE] Continue reading

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Insomniac Unveils 7-Day EDC Vegas Week 2013 Event Schedule

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With just two weeks until Electric Daisy Carnival kicks off in Las Vegas, Insomniac has released the schedule of events and shows of EDC Week. The list includes 7 full days of events at nightclubs, dayclubs, and venues all over the city, and features all of the biggest names in dance music today. [READ MORE] Continue reading

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Identity Festival Rocks Beantown

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Electronic music outdoor events have been generally absent from the Boston EDM calendar. I headed to the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA, for the 8th stop on the 20 city, whirlwind tour called the Identity Festival, which the press release proclaimed as a “world within itself…with plenty of room for relaxing, mingling, eating, drinking and of course dancing”, and from my experience that was exactly what they delivered…

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Rocky Mountain High: America’s Best DJ Summer Tour Does Denver

You hear about the Denver city bus driver who drove the wrong way on the Interstate? This weekend, that driver will have plenty of time to check out the America’s Best DJ tour, which hits the Rockies and the Global … Continue reading

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WMC’s IDMA Awards, The Fuzz and a Weak Bladder

The IDMA Awards were held last night, or was that two nights ago? Where are we? Who is that drinking our water bottle in our room? Whose room is this? Why are you putting cuffs on me? Ha ha. Wait, … Continue reading

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