ADE Report: ‘Rock Is Dead’ & Other ‘Fuck-You Moments’

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In 1978, The Who’s Roger Daltrey sang, “Goodbye Sister Disco/And to your clubs and your tramps.” For many, it seemed to be moment of rockist triumphalism, as dancefloor-driven sounds and its culture began to bloat and wane. Now, three-plus decades later at Amsterdam Dance Event, Beatport CEO Matt Adell repeated another famous Townshend lyric, one that reflected today’s musical leanings: “Rock is dead.” [READ MORE]

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The British Are Coming: Sankeys to Open in NYC This Month

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Sankeys’ third season is coming to a close, but the party isn’t stopping as the owners prepare to open a New York edition of the British club on October 31st. The new location will be located in Manhattan on 36th Street and houses two rooms: the famed futuristic-themed Basement and the low-overhead European Spektrum. [READ MORE] Continue reading

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New Track: Azealia Banks, Paul Oakenfold, & Richard Beynon – “Venus (Ibiza Edition)”

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It’s been nearly 2 years since Azealia Banks first dropped “212.” While the track went on to become a club staple, the rapper has yet to release her debut album. After months of teasing her collaborations with trance powerhouse Paul Oakenfold, she has unexpectedly released “Venus (Ibiza Edition)” onto her Soundcloud. [read more] Continue reading

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Guy Gerber Releases Free Album & North American Dates

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Guy Gerber is settling into his new Wisdom of the Glove residency at Pacha in Ibiza, but he’s still managed to find time to produce and release a free album, Who’s Stalking Who. Available for download on his Soundcloud, the album is an 11-track, 1-hour tour-de-force filled to the brim with deep grooves and pulsing bass. [READ MORE] Continue reading

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Las Vegas the New Ibiza? “Not quite,” says Pete Tong

Are You Facebooking Like a Pro?The playlist pedigree of an entire generation of DJs and music enthusiasts has in some way been informed by the tastes of Pete Tong, who recently celebrated 20 years of spinning on BBC 1, where his Essential Mix remains one of dance music’s most iconic shows, like a stern, hip and reliable old uncle.

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DJ Times/America’s Best DJ & Tao Group say: Viva Las Vegas!

Are You Facebooking Like a Pro?For the past couple years, we’ve been hearing this mantra from Out West: “Las Vegas is becoming America’s Ibiza.” Having soaked in the deep EDM culture of the legendary Spanish party island, that notion always seemed to strike us as well-intentioned PR fluff, if not full-on wishcasting. Our recent weekend in Vegas certainly opened our eyes.

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