#FreePlayFriday – 10/18/2013

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The weekend is within reach, and we’ve got six free downloads to ring it in right! Fans of deep house and indie dance are in for a treat this week, but we’ve got a fair sampling of heavier sounds coming your way, as well. [READ MORE] Continue reading

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Giorgio Moroder, Afrojack, More to Remix Donna Summer on New Album

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Dance music superstars of today will honor disco legend Donna Summer on a new remix compilation titled Love to Love You Donna. The album will be released on October 22nd through Verve Records, and will include Afrojack taking on “I Feel Love,” Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kuppe remixing “Hot Stuff,” and Giorgio Moroder reinterpreting his own “Love To Love You Baby.” [READ MORE] Continue reading

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America’s Best DJ: A Chi-town 4th, Bisco & Bassgasm 9

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Chicago – This past weekend, America’s Best DJ Summer Tour Presented by Pioneer DJ & DJ Times was feeling plenty patriotic, and lucky for us we got to spend the 4th of July and its immediate aftermath in one of America’s greatest cities—Chicago, Ill.[read more] Continue reading

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New Track: Frankie Knuckles’ Directors Cut & Inaya Day – “Let’s Stay Home”

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In a market dominated by 128 BPM dance bombs, the midtempo groove of house legend Frankie Knuckles’ Directors Cut project’s “Let’s Stay Home” is a breath of fresh air. Released on Nocturnal Groove, the track features the vocals of Inaya Day which recall the early 90s dance diva anthems while the production harks back to the best of 70s funk and disco. [READ MORE] Continue reading

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Technics SL-1200 “Coffin Report”: Frankie Knuckles’ First Time

Frankie Knuckles talks about the impact the Technics SL-122 had on his career Continue reading

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Can Chicago House Music Fill Iconic Hole?

With the announcement that Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is vacating office after his term ends, Chicago is flagellating in a potential political vacuum, wondering how they’re going to fill such an iconic hole—after all, Daley has held office since 1989, … Continue reading

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