Dirty Vegas, Live: Playing in the Other Team’s Ballpark

src="http://djtimes.com/djt/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/dirty-vegas.jpg" alt=" BO - Are You Facebooking Like a Pro?" width="124" height="175" style="float:

left; height: 117px; padding: 0 10px 50px 0; width: 175px;" /> Within the last few days, a pair of prominent EDM acts played two traditional rock venues in NYC—Dirty Vegas at the Mercury Lounge (4/27) and Wolfgang Gartner (4/28) at Irving Plaza. How did they turn out? DJ Times was there for the festivities.

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DJ Times’ Picks: Play These Records—Tonight!

Are You Facebooking Like a Pro?DJs will love Richard Dinsdale’s disco-tinged “DJ, You’ve Got My Love,” with its rollicking party groove and insatiable vocal hook. And don’t sleep on the tech-heavy “One Step,” a dirty beat-infested groover. Both tracks should be club staples.

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