Asheville’s Moogfest Expands to Five Days in April 2014

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Asheville music festival Moogfest has unveiled its expansion from three days to five days, with the new 2014 festival dates taking place from April 23rd—27th. This year will see the introduction of new activities to the festival’s usual music-oriented lineup, including an innovation conference featuring leading futurist thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, artists and musicians from various fields. [READ MORE] Continue reading

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In Pictures: More Moogfest Madness

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Asheville, N.C.—Yesterday, we offered our report from Moogfest 2012. Running this past Oct. 26-27 at various Asheville venues, Moogfest offered 36 acts, a trio of engaging seminars, lots of costumed crazies and plenty of lasting musical memories. Today, we show you the pictures. Enjoy. [...] Continue reading

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